2016 Ipso Facto

Bud Break:  April 9, 2016
Veraison: August 7, 2016
Oak Regime:  90% French, 10% American
Harvest Date:  October 18, 2016
Bottling Dates: March 14, 2018
Alcohol:  13.0%

"It is a fact that our Ipso Facto is a very special wine. A blend of predominently Syrah, complemented by Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, this wine presents intense aromas of dark fruit, pepper, vanilla, and black cherry upon first sniff. Scents of subtle green tomato and mulberry carry through onto the palate and are followed by vibrant flavours of pomegranite and cedar. Velvety tannins and bright acidity give this full-bodied wine a lingering finish."
Graham Pierce, Winemaker

"Record warm temperatures through April, May, and most of June led to a great beginning of the 2016 vintage. With early bud break and excellent growth off the start, the cooler weather in July helpedto prolong the ripening, adding desirable coplexity to the flavour in the grapes. August saw temperatures back to their normal levels, and near perfect ripening temperatures throughout the fall and into the harvest showed mature, well-balanced fruit of outstanding intensity."
Steve Carberry, Winegrower