Upcoming Winery Events 


Candle Making Workshop with Roshni Wellness 

Join us as we host our first ever candle making workshop with local company, Roshi Wellness! This event will include all of the materials to make your own candles as well as a glass of wine and light snack.

Arrival time is 4:00pm at Black Hills Estate Winery. Workshops run about 2 hours. Tickets are $80+ per person.

A little about Roshni Wellness: We’re on a mission to inspire moments of connection and self-care through all of our experiences. All of our scented products are made with premium ingredients and are formulated to help people prioritize their wellbeing and self-care. We donate $1/candle sold back to local community organizations as a way to show up in community-care.

Book Thursday, August 8th   Book Thursday, September 19th 


Mediterranean Voyage with Oceania Cruises and Maritime Travel

November 3rd - 14th, 2024.

Join Ross Wise and Jesse Collins of Black Hills Estate Winery and Sandy Kollenz of Maritime Travel for an amazing Mediterranean Voyage full of wonder, excitement and exclusive events centered around culinary masterpieces and incredible wines! 

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