2015 Carmenere

Bud Break:  April 7, 2015
Veraison:  July 17, 2015
Oak Regime:  80% French Oak, 20% American Oak
Harvest Date:  October 10, 2015
Bottling Dates:  April 15, 2016
Alcohol:  13.0%

PDF Tasting Notes

"The Carmenere’s intensity starts on the nose and follows through on the palate with white peppercorns, fig, cranberry and cassis. Earthy notes of leather result from its time in French oak. This bold red’s silky tanins make it easy to drink now, but its complex notes will continue to become more interesting with age. As the weather warms, this is the perfect pairing for peppercorn dusted BBQ steak or game meats."
Graham Pierce, Winemaker

“The 2015 vintage experienced record-breaking weather. An early spring put us three weeks ahead of 2014. The dry weather continued as the Okanagan experienced its driest June on record. A beautiful warm summer led into a cool period in September that helped balance the ripeness of the fruit and develop those complex flavours we look for. The rest of the fall was warm which allowed for a long hang time for the fruit.”
Steve Carberry, Winegrower