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Black Hills Estate


Steve Carberry

Winegrower & Vineyard Manager




Where did you grow up  

Mission, B.C.

Where did you go to school 

Okanagan College, Washington State University

What is your education

Viticulture and Eonology

What is your Title and what do you really do

Winegrower…manage vineyards

What do you do at Black Hills?


What do you do before?

Assistant Winemaker and Vineyard Manager at Saturna Vineyards

How long have you been here?

Since 2004.

What’s the best Black Hills event you have been to and why?

Winemakers Cup, mellow yet slightly competitive, fun event

Stelvin or cork?

I prefer cork but screw cap has its place

Red, white, bubbles or rose?

All four please

What’s your favourite grape?

It`s like having a favourite child, you can think it but you can`t say it

When you are not at Black Hills working, what are you doing?

In the mountains with family

If you could acquire a skill or talent with the snap of a finger, what would it be? 

Who wouldn`t want to be an astronaut?

Secret talent or achievement or skill people might not know you have? 

I really like to cook and I`m currently learning how to hunt and butcher my own meat.

Favourite dish to eat?

Any Tenderloin with sweet beets and yams

Favourite pairing ever?

Chocolate and red wine

Most memorable meal?

My first venison back strap with my lady

Favourite Black Hills wine other than NB?

The white that's made like a red...Chardonnay