Rich Brinkmann

Cellar Master


What do you do at Black Hills?

Today I am a cellar hand. I am basically the winemaker’s labourer, barrel work, rack wine, tend to ferments, process fruit during harvest, track & maintain ferments, do pumpovers and punch downs, press the wine.

What do you do before?

I am a carpenter.

How long have you been here?

I am coming into my fourth. 2014

Where are you from, originally?

I was born in Sault Ste Marie


One older brother

What’s the best Black Hills event you have been to and why?

They are all pretty fun. I like the Black Hills Winery Ride. I like the people and I am lifelong avid cyclists. They guests come every year and are really nice people. It’s also nice to be able to wirk with our peers in the industry.

Stelvin or cork?

Both. They each have their place.

Red, white, bubbles or rose?

Depends what you’re eating and time of year.

Top 3 BC wines other than Black Hills?

Bartier Borthers Cabernet Franc, Sperling Vineyards Brut & any Riesling from Tantalus. I like what they are doing with their vineyards as well.

What’s your favourite grape? 

It used to be Cab Franc but I am really starting to like Merlot again. Smell it while it’s fermenting and then get aback to me with an opinion. It smells beautiful.

When you are not at Black Hills working, what are you doing?

Riding bikes and skiing with girlfriend and my dog.

Pets or kids?

Right now, pets.

What vacation spot is at the top of your bucket list?

New Zealand. They make great wine and all the sports you can handle.

What’s your fav country?


If you could acquire a skill or talent with the snap of a finger, what would it be? 

I wish I had better people skills.

Secret talent or achievement or skill people might not know you have?

I was ski school employee of the year when I was 17.

Watch sports/activity or do them?

If so, which sport? I participate: I mountain bike and ski. The only thing I watch is motocross racing.

Sweet or salty?

Depends on the moment.

Head chef or diner?

I’d rather be cooked for. When I cook it’s super simple.

If you cook, favourite dish to cook?

Curry or Mexican

Favourite dish to eat?

Rack of lamb

Favourite pairing ever?

Axl and Slash.

Favourite Black Hills wine other than NB?

Chardonnay and the Syrah.

Guilty pleasure?

Huge Rhianna Fan

Android or iPhone?