Lisa Fredericks

Office & Administration Manager


 What do you do at Black Hills?

Office & Administration manager, which means I do far too many things to list.

What do you do before?

I worked at Spirit Ridge Resort as the Meeting & Events Manager

How long have you been here?

This is my second season.

Where are you from, originally?

Mississauga Ontario, lived there until I was 13, then moved to Winnipeg and finally moved to BC at 19


2 brothers plus my oldest cousin who is like a brother

What’s the best Black Hills event you have been to and why?

I love them all but Winemakers Cup was the most fun because it is so casual.

Stelvin or cork?


Red, white, bubbles or rose?

E. All of the above.

Top 3 BC wines other than Black Hills?

Nk’Mip Cellars Cab Sauv, Maverick Sparkling, Adega Malbec

What’s your favourite grape?

Pinot Noir

When you are not at Black Hills working, what are you doing?

Whatever my daughter Avery tells me to do, we both love horseback riding or going out on adventures.

Pets or kids?

One of each. My daughter Avery is 3 and a half and I have a dog named Gryffindor

What vacation spot is at the top of your bucket list?

South Africa

What’s your fav country?

I’m in love with Nicaragua

If you could acquire a skill or talent with the snap of a finger, what would it be? 

To increase or lessen the hours in a day.

Secret talent or achievement or skill people might not know you have?

I still have my Girl Guide sash and all around cord 

Watch sports/activity or do them? If so, which sport?

I watch Football - New England Patriots!! I am also a professional wine drinker

Sweet or salty? 


Head chef or diner?

Depends on mood. I love cooking but also love going out for a really good meal.

If you cook, favourite dish to cook?


Favourite dish to eat?


Favourite pairing ever?

Chardonnay and a honey glazed salmon with brown butter sauce.

Most memorable meal?

Anything I have had a Bouchons in Kelowna.

Favourite Black Hills wine other than NB?


Guilty pleasure?


Android or iPhone?


Favourite app?