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Black Hills Estate


Jesse Collins

Retail & Experience Manager


Full name and nickname:

Jesse Collins / Jess

Where did you grow up:

Originally from Winnipeg but grew up in the Lower Mainland of BC

Where did you go to school:

Holy Cross High School in Surrey, BC

What is your education:

Studied the Wine and Spirit Education Trust at The Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver


What do you do at Black Hills?

I am the wine shop manager. I over see the day to day operations of our wine experience centre and ensure memorable experienes for every guest who walks in the door.

What do you do before?

Before moving to Osoyoos I worked for Everything Wine Morgan Crossing. I absolutely loved there, great people and great wines.

How long have you been here?

I am starting off year 6 in the Wine Experience Centre. Started in 2012.

Where are you from, originally?

I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba, moved around a bit and then settled in the Lower Mainland where I grew up.


I am the second eldest of 3 sisters and I have a baby brother. Actually, he’s 23!

Black Hills event you have been to and why?

The best Black Hills event I have ever worked for (because let’s face it, I work for every event) is every single Nota Bene Release Party for the last five years. They are a blast.

Stelvin or cork?

As long as the wine’s good, it doesn’t matter.

Red, white, bubbles or rose

All but admittedly I drink a majority of bubbles and white at home.

Top 3 BC wines other than Black Hills?

Bella anything, VinAmite Gamay Noir and Meyer Family Vineyards Old Block Pinot Noir

What’s your favourite grape?


When you are not at Black Hills working, what are you doing?

When I’m not a BH I am hanging with Wade and company. Bike rides, wine and making a fun dinner would be my best day.

Pets or kids?

Neither today but someday maybe both.

What vacation spot is at the top of your bucket list? 


What’s your fav country?

Canada. I haven’t travelled much out of North America but have lots of plans to but Canada will always be the number most beautiful country.

If you could acquire a skill or talent with the snap of a finger, what would it be? 

I would speak every language known to man

Secret talent or achievement or skill people might not know you have?

I can throw a wicked football

Watch sports/activity or do them? If so, which sport?

I’ve always been around sports so I enjoy watching but I can’t commit to any teams.

Sweet or salty? 

Salty. I love crisps.

Head chef or diner?


If you cook, favourite dish to cook?

I would say BBQ or Mexican because they are good for groups and I love having dinner with my friends.

Favourite dish to eat?

I love tapas because picking just one thing for me is impossible.

Favourite pairing ever?  

Beer & Tacos

Most memorable meal?

Last year my sister Katie and I decided to go on two dates in one night (with each other), we went to Bauhaus for Champagne & Foie Gras and L’Abbatoir for cocktails and more delicious food. It was extravagant and we had a blast.

Favourite TV show?

Crime stories, any kind.

Favourite Black Hills wine other than NB?

Chardonnay & Syrah.

Guilty pleasure? 

Bread ☹

Android or iPhone?

Right now I have an LG.

Favourite app?