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Black Hills Estate


Glenn Fawcett

Chief Wine Evangelist




Where did you grow up?

Calgary, Alberta

Where did you go to school?

University of Calgary and Queen Elizabeth High School in Calgary

Simon Fraser University

What is your education?

I have a Bachelor of Commerce Degree at the U of C, with a Minor in Sociology. Continuous Disclosure and Going Public at SFU.

How long have you been with Black Hills Winery?

Since 2007.

What is your Title and what do you really do?

Chief Wine Evangelist

After 11 years at the helm of Black Hills Estate Winery as director/president I officially stepped down from the day-to-day operations in October 2018. I am currently on a three-month sabbatical to recharge my batteries and spend time with family. In March 2019 I will return to take on the newly created position of “Chief Wine Evangelist” serving as an advisor to and “Bon Vivant” for the winery so dear to my heart, Black Hills!

Where were you before Black Hills Winery

As an entrepreneur, I was involved in running high-end wine tours of the Okanagan immediately before Black Hills. Prior to that I was President and owner of Bust Loose Holidays, one of Canada’s most successful tour companies for University & College students

What are your favourite hobbies?

Skiing, cycling, coaching kid’s soccer, travelling, music, entertaining friends and family, visiting wine regions of the world.

What is one thing nobody knows about you

In 1981 I was the lead singer in Calgary’s top Lip-Sync band: a Devo tribute band called “The Devonians”.

Who is your favourite super hero?

When I was a kid it was “The Flash” because he was so fast. Recently, my younger son has swung my interests towards “Mr. Incredible”.